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Rahul M. Juliato
Rahul M. Juliato
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Explore Rahul's Lab: An archived fusion of tech and educational insights. Immerse yourself in practical software, hands-on projects, and more.

Welcome to Rahul's Lab

Embark on a journey through the evolution of knowledge and innovation at Rahul's Lab. Formerly an Electrical Engineer and Teacher for Associated Degrees in Brazil, I now curate a collection of resources and projects. This site, accessible in Portuguese from Brazil at Rahul's Lab, is preserved for historical purposes, as I no longer maintain it. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, student, or simply curious about software, Rahul's Lab provides insights into diverse topics.


Discover a range of educational and practical software solutions, from a Star Wars API client to a portable algebraic calculator. Each creation is meticulously crafted for precision and functionality, exploring the dynamic intersection of creativity and technology.

ALUNOS (Students)

Tailored for students, this section offers hands-on projects in industrial automation, digital systems development, and essential exercises in electrical basics and mathematics revision.

ARTIGOS (Articles)

Journey through insightful articles, exploring topics such as communication via HID Terminal in PIC microcontrollers, USB communication with PIC18F4550, and more. Gain valuable insights into Programmable Logic Controllers, circuit analysis, supervisory systems, and industrial sensors.

All available here: Rahul's Lab.